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About Petroleum Conferences

Pulsus Conferences takes immense pleasure in welcoming participants from across the globe to be part of the world’s leading Petroleum Conferences. A forum to unravel the plights in the field of petroleum.

“Important reserves of natural resources, like Petroleum, are the defensive walls for laying the foundation for our future”. An anonymous saying that serves as an eye-opener for the upcoming generations.

With the rapid growth of global economic activities, petroleum industries have faced a very important question of ‘what happens in the future?’ Considering the same, our Petroleum conferences help in exploring the latest trends and innovations in the field. It provides a practical approach in learning about recent discoveries and technologies. The major focus of our Petroleum conferences is to unite academicians, researchers, students, geologists, petroleum engineers, and other petroleum experts to discuss debate and resolve the challenges and risks of the present and the future issues in the petroleum industry.

Get hold of this opportunity to meet and network with renowned guests and provide a new spin to the field by presenting the latest scientific improvements and strategies to make a better future. Meet your fellow audience with experts from around the world focused on addressing significant and current issues of the field. Don’t lose this possibility of being part of a huge gathering of petroleum specialists. Our Petroleum Conferences are known for its enlightening symposiums and workshops by recognized guests, exceptional keynote speeches, an outstanding opportunity for businesses keen on expanding their global market by conducting demonstrations and spreading information.

The energy source of petroleum has many numbers of important market applications. Global petroleum production has increased over the last five years, from about 82 million barrels per day to about 90 million barrels per day. This has led to a high increase in supply for petroleum, which ultimately caused an irregular increase and decrease in the prices. This resulted in the reduction of capital expenditure by the petroleum operators. This decline has mainly impacted the exploration and production activities of various industries. However, the depletion in production from countries such as Russia, U.K., and India among others has resulted in a higher demand for exploring new reserves. Drill pipe which is used to support drilling and exploration activities are expected to grow and reach an approx. of 4.2 Million by 2024. The petroleum market is expected to expand from an estimated USD 3.32 Billion to USD 4.64 Billion by 2025.

So, let’s all join hands along with our experts, guests, and participants in fuelling our future.



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