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About Petroleum Conferences

Petroleum means rock oil. the word Petra is derived from the ancient Greek meaning rock and Latin word oleum meaning oil; it is an oily flammable bituminous liquid that may vary in color and occurs in upper strata of earth, it mainly consist of hydrocarbon, it is the source of petrochemical used to make lubricating oils, gasoline, plastics and many other products. The petroleum can be obtained from the earth by the process of drilling. At initial stage it is in the form of liquid with a very complex mixture of hydrocarbons called crude oil. The typical hydrocarbons in crude oil include aromatic hydrocarbons, alkenes and cycloalkanes. After that the refined oil is refined and separated as petroleum.

Pulsus conferences initiated the petroleum conferences to explore the environmental sustainability issues, innovations and integrated approaches on that. The main purpose of this petroleum conference is to aggregate petroleum industrialists, scientist, petroleum geologists, refinery engineers, chemical engineers, oil and gas scientist to share their knowledge on research advancements, upcoming challenges and finding solutions for resolving the present and future issues

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