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Physical Therapy

Pulsus Conference organizes top-notch Physical Therapy conferences, it will be an amalgamation of the global physiotherapist, principal investigators, nurses NGO’s and private sectors.

Physical Therapy is a branch of allied health profession which treats the patient suffering from physical illness through various diagnosis and examination. This part of rehabilitation medicine tends to cure the unbearable physical pain via exercises, modality, and health education. Patients are subjected to vulnerable conditions after an accident, surgery or medical treatment. These professionals help patients retain mobility. Physical Therapy exercises have been proven to be a valuable way to support treat and avert injuries and pain related to diseases this form of medicine soothes them and provides the confidence to patients to regain a normal lifestyle. Physical Therapy diagnoses chronic acute pain, arthritics, gait disorders, a physical impairment which us from the cardiopulmonary, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal, neurological and endocrinal origin.

This professional career enhances the patient’s well-being which includes specialties like neurology, wound care, sports medicine, musculoskeletal, geriatrics, orthopaedic, paediatrics. Physiotherapist practice in outpatient clinics, rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, private homes, extended care facilities, hospices, industrial workplace. These professionals are highly trained, and they can pinpoint the root of an injury and know to treat and tackle them. Physical Therapy is also a part of pain management and pain medicine.

Muscle strengthening TENS, bone health therapy, joint manipulation, mobilization, training stretching, posture corrections, sports injuries, electrical muscle stimulator are few of the commonly used treatments

In recent years, awareness and the importance of Physical Therapy studies have been gradually increasing. Physical Therapy rehabilitation centers ease the process of recovery. Now people are voicing the need for these centres. An appropriate and neat Physical Therapy program can help the patients to handle the medical condition. The techniques implemented have seen some various evolutions since the beginner. Every arena of Physical Therapy intervention begins to own the specific and specialized techniques which derive from evidence-based clinical trials.

The global Physical Therapy equipment market is anticipated to grow from an estimated to increase of US$ 23,750.9Mn by 2022 at a CAGR of 6.8%. The driving factors of this market are unhealthy lifestyle habits, geriatric population

Physical Therapy conferences aim to spotlights the much-needed addressing which covers the whole of rehabilitation and the lifestyle medicine for a better cause

Most of the conference track will focus on the treatment of diagnosis for eg. acupuncture, Manual manipulation, Electrical nerve stimulation, Demonstration Functional testing, and Device provision. In-home Physical Therapy sessions are intended to help the patient recuperate faster whether it is a chronic illness or a one-time injury.

World-leading experts, speakers, academicians, students, doctors, nurses from the field of Physical Therapy and rehabilitation medicine join for the better future.

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