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About Cardiology Conferences

With the spirit of spreading knowledge and intelligence in Cardiology, Pulsus Conferences presents Cardiology Conferences for all national and international Cardiac enthusiasts. We welcome you to learn, discuss and innovate along with Heart experts across the world.

Cardiology conferences provide a modernized view on basic sciences, technology, medical, surgical, interventional, and clinical approaches. Cardiac specialists from various parts of the world will address the latest developments, innovations, trends, and solutions in the field. Additionally, attendees will get to learn about recent trials that would influence the future. Cardiology conferences are programmed to guide Cardiology students, scientists, researchers, academicians, scholars, practitioners and others along with leading medical industries to network and provide keys to accelerate innovations.

Meet your fellow audience with associates from around the world focused on learning about the current trends in diagnosis and treatments for heart diseases and related plights. Seize this opportunity to reach the participants and renowned guests from Universities, Cardiology research centres and hospitals to distribute information about novel practices and strategies and to discuss the growing demands in the field.

The participants can find exclusive sessions and panel discussions on latest innovations in Cardiology; poster presentations on all the highlighted topics of the conference; keynote forums by renowned heart experts; discussion on the latest trends and medicines in the field of Cardiology and Related Topics best platform for global networking opportunities; and an excellent platform to showcase and share the latest products and ideas in the Cardiac field.

The cardiology market recently experiences an increase in disease prevalence and uptake of branded therapies that will result in considerable growth of the Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) market over the 2017–26 forecast period, with sales, increasing from $2.9bn to $8.3bn. Current treatment practices for CHF are dominated by generic therapies, placing pressure on the pipeline to demonstrate strong cost/efficacy profiles. Despite the dominance of generics, there is significant commercial potential for novel therapies that demonstrate a benefit in patients with CHF with preserved ejection fraction, which accounts for 50% of the CHF population. The global interventional cardiology market is estimated to be at $14.69 billion in 2017 and is anticipated to reach $24.96 billion by 2027. With the rise in the demand for advanced medical devices to treat cardiovascular diseases, increasing geriatric population with higher life expectancy, and new product launches by several conglomerate companies, the cardiac intervention market is expected to witness moderate growth.

Join extraordinary speakers with perceptive ideas and prepare to be pumped into the world of enlightenment by providing novel visions.

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