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About Animal Science and Veterinary Conferences

Pulsus Conference is a gathering of national and international experts across animal welfare, human healthcare, conservationists and environmental scientists to learn from one another. By bringing together public and private stakeholders, including those from government, academic, non-profit organisations and industry, we can discuss research, best practices, models and policies that have succeeded – or not – in managing these complex problems.

This Animal conference focuses on the exponential growth taking place in the veterinary sector. The point of view of veterinary medicine is to yield fewer, healthier, and more productive animals. Open out in research on herd infectious disease control and food safety is immediately needed in adding up to studies on genetics, nutrition, management, market access, and rural economic growth and all these aspects will be dealt with in care in our Veterinary Conferences. It provides spaces for you to unwind and refresh your mind – all inside the Auditorium.

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