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Pulsus Conference organizes top-notch Physical Therapy conferences, it will be an amalgamation of the global physiotherapist, principal investigators, nurses NGO’s and private sectors.

Pathology is the emerging field that deals with the study of dawning, aetiology, effects of diseases and bruises. The use of pathology in disease diagnosis is increasing, due to the integration of pathology with digital tools, barcoding, specimen tracking, and digital dictation, which improvise the safety, quality, and efficiency of disease diagnoses in pathology laboratories. The modern era of pathology studies includes Forensic pathology which plays a vital role in crime studies.

Pathology is a wide sector including the study in various departments like cardiac pathology, pulmonary pathology, brain pathology, Head and neck pathology, forensic pathology, surgical/experimental pathology, genetic pathology, immunopathology, reproductive pathology, etc. Pathology includes various applications like disease diagnosis, tele construction, drug discovery & development, training & education.

Pathology case reports maintain details of assessing and diagnosing the disease condition of a plant or animal or human and to know the signs and symptoms along with diagnosis and treatment is a case report. Pathology case reports usually show the occurrence of a particular disease and it is essential to know the cause and cure of the diseases. Pathology majorly depends on four important factors such as to cause; pathogenesis, morphologic changes, and clinical manifestations. The modern era of pathology is deeply interconnected with the aims of biological research and medical practice.

Anatomical pathology deals with the study of the diagnosis of various diseases based on gross, microscopic, chemical, immunologic, the examination of organs at the molecular level. Anatomical pathology is subdivided into cytopathology, experimental pathology and crime pathology. Clinical pathology deals with the study of diseases through laboratory analysis of fluids in body and tissues. Cytopathology deals with the study of diagnosis at a cellular level which is used as sample tests or smear tests.

Dermatopathology studies on the skin which is the largest organ of the body. Dermatopathologist is the specialist who deals with this field. They deal with the common skin diseases caused by several infections in the integumentary system along with the skin. The major skin disorders are said to be skin cancers, skin allergies, skin rashes, etc. Dermatologists will diagnose most skin diseases based on their appearances, anatomic distributions, and behaviour.

Veterinary pathology covers a wide array of species in which the diagnosis of diseases and bruises in animals will be performed by veterinary physicians. Veterinary physician, veterinary surgeon, veterinarian, veterinary nurses or technicians are the persons who have expertise in the field of veterinary medicine. Human health is maintained through veterinary science which prevents and controls infectious diseases which are spread through non-human animals to humans.

Pathology conferences provide a vital source for enhancing your career and knowledge. Join us to showcase your innovative research to gain competitive benefits and explore your services, products by meeting your targeted audiences which serves as a great opportunity to network with your peers from academia and industry is the emerging field that deals with the study of dawning, aetiology, effects of diseases and bruises.

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