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Health care conferences mainly focus on the care of individuals and their safety from pathogens and several disorders and different ways of prevention of them. Health care conferences also provide information on occupational diseases and their impact on health.

Palliative care is care provided for people living with and dying from an eventually fatal condition and the primary goal is quality of life. It is for everyone young and old, those who are with cancer and any other life-threatening diagnosis. It aims to comfort, not to cure, to relive pain and distress for people who are dying. Palliative care is the relieving of symptoms of a disease while maintaining the highest possible quality of life for patients.

Palliative care may help to recover from illness by symptoms-such as pain, anxiety, loss of appetite and it is for people of any age and at any stage in an illness, whether that disease is curable, chronic, or life-threatening. Palliative doctors are specially trained in palliative medicine that they may provide palliative medicine through a hospital, hospice program.

Pulsus conferences provides a unique platform for all researchers, palliative doctors, healthcare professions, academicians, and students to transfer their knowledge on palliative care.

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