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Pulsus Conference is glad to welcome all the food technologist, food engineers, food microbiologist, food chemist, food pathologist, food nutritionist and Food analyst to gather and attend our Food science conference.

Food is a substance consists of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins to provide nutritional support for an organism. The essential role of food is maintaining human life and health. Food gives us energy for the growth, development and maintains of muscles, blood, hair, skin and bones. Food which we daily consume is the result of food research, investigation of a variety of food properties and composition. After the initial stages of research and development of new technology in food, the materials are produced by specific principles of Food Technology. To maintain the nutritional food for the consumer, there is new technology growing in the food industry. Food science is a multi-disciplinary field that consists of chemistry, microbiology, pathology, nutrition, biochemistry and engineering. Food science and technology involve food processing, food manufacturing, improvement of advanced food technology, food safety and food Fraud. It is the process of evaluating the nutritional value for food, color, nature, flavor and texture of food. It is also the prevention of harmful food from bacteria and yeast by testing the food material for standard.

Food technologists include the creation of new food products by finding new sources from agriculture & horticulture, designing food products and survey of the launched products. The new advanced food products should be cost-effective for consumers and it should be nutritious without affecting public hygiene. Food science is a high growing discipline, bought mainly as a response to the social changes in all parts of the world. The increased reliance on food in society has led to greater responsibility in terms of food quality, safety and nutrition. The progressive findings of food products to develop safe, nutritious and sustainable food & unique packing where the public and consumers will attract. Mainly unsafe agricultural products are converted into safe, hygiene, nutritious and high-quality food that is accepted and valued by consumers. The food processor is handled by different methods; the result of processing is improved in some characteristics such as safety, shelf life, quality, sensory attributes and nutritional value.

Most of the time research and development are planning to launch new commercial products that are naturally initiated and conducted by the private sector. A briefcase of research in Food Science has changed with increased funding from us department of health and human services and decreased support from the Department of Agriculture. Factors such as population increase, variable weather cycle, globalization, causes of new diseases and migration of people, among others, have changed and continue to dramatically change our food system. The expanded recognition of the complex, and frequently customized, communications between farming production, nourishment, supplements, and human wellbeing asks for research to improve our comprehension of nourishment and supplement digestion and their relationship to abstain from food and wellbeing.

Discoveries from a different kind of research could prompt progressively fortifying nourishment and better diets in all, and those research as per the requirements of explicit buyer subpopulations. Recognize that people eat nourishments, not supplements, thus nourishments must be both nutritious and engaging. Tactile properties of food are among the most significant drivers of nourishment utilization preferences. The comprehensive tangible experience is mind-boggling, and there is an understood causal chain of occasions from sensation, to encountering joy, to nourishment admission. Improved comprehension of the impact of social, conduct, physical and mental factors on the advancement and job of these impacts is essential, especially as buyers are looked with decisions about items created with new advances for some of which there is clashing proof on dangers and advantages.

Food science conferences will provide a platform for Food scientists, food researchers, nutritionists, food pathologists, food engineers, food microbiologist and food chemists to share knowledge and create a pathway for professional development. The scientists from the food industry can create a network for business growth.

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