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Oncology defined as a branch of study that deals with cancers and tumours. The specialist who deals with the treatment of cancer and tumours is called oncologist, cancer is actually a group of many related distinctive disease that all have to do with cells. Cancer can start almost anywhere in our body, it is a state of condition where our cells starts to grow and divide abnormally, normal cells tend to grow and divide when the body needs and die after the completion of its function. but the cancer cells grow abnormally and divide in an enormous amount and eventually invade to the nearby tissues and won’t die when they are supposed to do, if the spread is not controlled it would result in death. Most cancers are named by the type of the cell or organ from where they start to develop. Cancer cells usually clump or group together to form tumours. These tumours may develop into big clumps of cancer cells and destroy the normal cells in our body; this can make someone very sick.

Pulsus conference on Oncology and Cancer presents a unique occasion to meet prominent doctors, surgeons, scientists, academician and specialists across the globe and listen to best speakers on new research expansions that will influence and spread the future of Cancer and Oncology. The conference will unite the endeavors made all over the world to spread the field of Oncology and cancer through speakers.

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