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About Chemical Engineering Conferences

Pulsus Conferences is set to host chemical engineering conferences around the globe with a view to enhancing new technologies in developing solutions for the challenges encountered in the field of chemical engineering.

“Engineering of chemicals from experimentation to implementation”. A comprehensive Research Framework which comprises of various areas of Technology. This emerging field develops a promising way of utilizing “materials and energy”. A vital leading-edge technology for sustainability in the global arena as it satisfies both the market requirements in the “Specific-end usage” of the products and the environmental and social constraints of “industrial-scale” processes. These are the basis of modern science and technology. Chemical Engineering play a vital role in many of technological developments in our lives and find synthetic replacement for resources as well as materials that are low-level in supply. The chemical engineering field is having its foot imprints with worldwide applications in our day-to-day life.

Chemical Engineering conferences provide a premier technical forum for reporting and learning about the latest new generation technologies developed up to date discussing their applications. Our goal is to become a global communications vehicle for the world-renowned researchers to exchange top-notch research findings with one another with its in-depth discussions ranging from a comprehensive understanding of the applied methods.

Meet your business sector with individuals from and around the globe concentrated on finding out about new research developments in the field of chemical engineering, this is the best opportunity to share the research ideas to the global scientific peer community. Chemical engineering conference provides a complete understanding of both engineering and scientific strategies in approaching and solving technical glitches to create a better and benefiting environment.

The Global Chemical industry is one of the fastest growing within the manufacturing sector and the value is estimated to be about the U.S $ 2.4 Trillion contributing significantly to the market growth of US, Europe, and Middle East Countries. All of the major segments within the global chemical industry are expected to witness strong growth over the next few years. Digitization is leading the innovation for almost all major industries and this trend is currently having a large impact within the chemicals industry. The adoption of digital technology is helping chemical companies increase the profitability of their operations and improve supply chain management. By building digitally enabled intelligent chemical plants, manufacturers are scaling up their operations allowing them to gain end-to-end financial visibility. This digital technology integration will reduce risk, better waste management, upgradation of the production network, and most of all for better workforce safety. The global market for chemistry is now trending towards quality products and processes with the least impact on the environment.

Chemical engineering conferences serve as a global forum to converse concerning the current developments, recent technologies, new insights and future approaches in the field of chemical engineering & research. Our vision is to provide a unique opportunity to meet up with peers from both industry and academia to establish a scientific network between them and to discuss the future of chemical engineering in terms of collaboration, structures and organizational development.

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