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About Agri and Aqua Conferences

Agriculture is the process of cultivation and breeding of plants, animals and medicinal plants which is done for the human wellness and civilization primarily. The agriculture includes the farming process of both animals and plants, developing the circumstances for newly developed crops by providing nourishments in soil and suitable environment, implementing the asylum for the animals to obtain the useful products

Aquaculture is a unique farming process which primarily concentrates on aquatic lifeform. The aquatic derived products consumption and marketing growth is very much notable for the past few years. This process is mainly depending upon the source of the fresh water and marine salt water. The outcomes from this operation will lead us to a new level of human food consumption perspective.

The pulsus conferences brings all the researchers, doctors and computational engineers that are specialized in the Agri-engineering, plant technology, aqua food process engineering to under one roof to transfer the approach of the new science trends and technologies.

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