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Pulsus Conferences, a well-renowned scientific publisher and event organizer, proudly announces the commencement of Agriculture conference with sole motto to aggregate academicians, researchers, scientists to share their knowledge and educate the future trend in agriculture to people.

Agriculture is the method by which meat, feed, fiber and many other desirable products are produced by growing certain plants and raising domesticated animals (livestock). Agriculture activity is also known as "farming," while it is also said that researchers, inventors and others interested in developing farming methods and implements were involved in agriculture. Subsistence agriculture, which cultivates a small area with limited resource inputs and produces only enough food to meet family needs. Agriculture is strongly connected to achieving the Aichi targets and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Aquaculture conference provides international researchers and scientists with a global platform to make their research findings known worldwide. The community is energized by open and friendly interaction of participants with representatives from all real aquaculture countries. It is an event that offers aquaculture and the marine life science industry the opportunity to discover the stream and future issues and to discuss new improvements in cultural development. The conference is intended to bring the public, current and prospective fishermen, scholars, scientists and business professionals together


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